Alison McWhirter
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'Peonies against cyan blue', McWhirter 2

Born in Dumfries in 1975, Alison McWhirter trained as a painter at Bath Academy.

After establishing a career in publishing, as well as teaching art, she returned to South West Scotland to pursue her career as a painter.


Her work has been selected regularly by the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts (RGI) for inclusion in their Annual Exhibition.


Alison has shown internationally at the New York Art Fair and Hong Kong Art Fair, selling out in New York City. 

She held her first major London solo exhibition in 2016, returning annually.  


‘There are certain artists whose paintings are so exquisite in their colouring, so technically innovative and so compositionally daring that it is impossible to resist their immediate visual allure, Alison McWhirter belongs unequivocally to this rare category’ 

                                                                       Dr Colin J Bailey 

'Peonies Against Cyan Blue'

Alison McWhirter

Oil on Canvas