Catherine Imhof Cardinal
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Catherine Imhof-Cardinal (b 1951) is a Swiss painter born in France who has lived near Aberdeen, Scotland, for over 40 years.


Catherine tackles her compositions without preconception. Each work emerges gradually from a series of lines on the canvas; allowing the subject and composition to grow in an intuitive way. The result are paintings with emotional impact and a dreamlike recollection of landscape and people.


“For me, painting is a link with the outside world, connecting me with people living on other continents. When I paint I can be in touch with events that affect fellow human beings around the world. I can create order in the inner turmoil some of these events provoke and try to contribute positively by sharing and supporting inwardly in a non-material, spiritual way through my work.” 

Catherine trained as a sculptor at the École des Beaux Arts Versailles and in Aix-en-Provence before dedicating herself to painting. She has exhibited extensively in the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland and France.

'Small Rest House'

Catherine Imhof Cardinal

Oil on Board