Colin Brown
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Colin Brown has an established and ongoing record of research and creative practice.


Over the past twenty nine years he has built up a strong international career profile, with regular exhibitions of his paintings throughout the UK, Europe and America.


Colin  has spent periods of time living and painting in Europe -including a four month stay in Florence and four years in Düsseldorf.


Now based in Stonehaven on the north-east coast of Scotland, where he has his studio, his paintings have received a number of awards, most notably a major Artist's Grant from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York in 1996.


In his current work Colin pulls together random elements and fragments into closely controlled compositions.

The paintings, which run a fine line between impulse and calculation, continuously shift context and meaning, and rather than attempting to realise a predetermined concept, his work follows a specific process which allows the painting to emerge through its' implementation.

'Lucky 7'

Colin Brown

Collage and Mixed Media