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Beth Robertson Fiddes


Beth Robertson Fiddes graduated with BA (hons) from Edinburgh College of Art in 1995, winning the RSA Benno Schotz Award in 1997. She was a prize winner in 2011 at the JOLOMO Bank of Scotland awards.

She has held several near sell out solo shows to great acclaim, had work accepted for the Paisley Art Institute (PAI) Annual Show, been represented at the London Affordable Art Fair and the Edinburgh Art Fair and exhibits throughout the UK.

Beth says, ‘I work in acrylic, ink, oil and also use paper, creating surface and texture. It’s a balance between the inspiration and reference point of the landscape and allowing the painting to gain its own identity, to capture the feeling and essence of the landscape on a more intuitive level. I find more and more now that I want to retain the spontaneity of the initial impression and sketches in the final pieces’.

Beth’s work is held in collections in many countries throughout the world.

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