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Dianne Gardner


Dianne was born in Staffordshire but came to live and work in Scotland in the 1970s. She began to paint seriously after a successful career in teaching and educational management.

Based in Ayrshire, she takes inspiration from the coast and countryside near her home and further afield. Her work can best be described as, abstracted, evoking a quiet sense of place and time. Working mainly in acrylic, Dianne exploits the qualities of this medium which allows the artist to rapidly build up fine layers of paint creating luminosity and atmosphere. 

Dianne is an elected member of The Glasgow Society of Women Artists. She has exhibited widely in both public and private galleries, and enjoys the challenge of the open submission exhibitions in Scotland. In the last decade she has had work accepted, on several occasions, for the RGI, PAI, RSA and SSA. 

She works part time, on a voluntary basis, as a Curator for The Maclaurin Gallery in Ayr, a public gallery with an outstanding collection of 20th and 21stcentury work which has given her access to wonderful art and has helped to inform her ownpractice. She describes this as ‘a great privilege’

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