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Gundra Nock

Ceramics & Painting

I have been paining and exhibiting for over twenty years, choosing to paint these days exclusively in oils when previously I would use mixed media.

It is a much slower form of painting, but the longer workability of the paints gives me a more time to work on the composition and flow of the painting. 

I predominantly paint landscapes, seascapes and nature , the seascapes are usually a more muted palette leading to a more organic flow without trying to be completely realistic, rather catching the mood and feel of the ebb and flow of the sea and weather.

Each painting will take at leat six months due to the medium, therefore I will be working on several pieces at as time as I can work on a couple as the others are drying. This works for me as I can study the painting as it drys for the next phase giving me a chance to decide where I want to take it. 

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