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Val Thomson


Val is a Scottish seascape and landscape painter based at Deemouth Artist Studios in Aberdeen and current work is an expression of her connection to the North Sea coast:
“There’s a feeling I get when I arrive at the North Sea coast and it’s difficult to explain.   I breathe in the sights and sounds of the place and feel uplifted.   I also have an overwhelming sense of being home and can physically feel my shoulders drop.   For me, there is a feeling of peace and room to breathe.  No doubt my connection with the sea is deep-rooted from a childhood spent in a fishing community.
I’m experimenting with ways to capture these feelings in my latest paintings.  I work from memory alone and it’s gives me freedom to paint more intuitively, tap into my emotions and at the same time, respond to what’s appearing on the canvas or board.  Using acrylic paint to build layers, I enjoy creating marks and texture, then I simplify the composition as the painting nears completion in the hope that it echoes the sense of peace and space I experience by the coast.”

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